Personalized Full BaZi Reading
  (USD17.90) + Feng Shui E-book* = USD21.90 only!

This reading will offer insights into your destiny in terms of career, wealth, health, love and relationship.You will get an in-depth analysis of your birth chart based on BaZi (Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny) and unlock your full potential by knowing the pathways to your future through your luck pillar! It comes with the unique Success Luck Formula based on your Ba Zi chart. It will empower you to take control of your destiny through heaven and man luck. But you can further improve your luck through Feng Shui by activating the earth energy in the living space for prosperity and happiness.

*The E-Book "New Art of Feng Shui - Ancient Formula, Modern Application"  will help you to do so!

The E-Book is worth USD9.90 but you can get it at a special price of USD4.00 if you choose this option for your Ba Zi Full Reading. Why save on USD4.00 if you can further boost your luck with it!

Click here to preview the E-Book.

You can make your payment by clicking "Buy Now". Upon payment, please provide your birth details via email to We will email the full reading to you plus the E-book within the next few hours.

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