I conduct Feng Shui course via email. For your convenience, I have designed the course material in an E-Book format so that you can learn Feng Shui just like reading a book in the comfort of your own home. You will discover the fundamentals and theories of Feng Shui in an easy to follow steps. You will be guided through the course material in a structured way so that you can understand the principles behind the formulas that many students find confusing initially.

The course is equivalent to practitioners' level. It will cover the core principles and theories as follows:-

Yin & Yang
The 5 elemental relationship
The 24 Mountains

An Introduction to the Trigram (Ba Gua) Attributes
Ba Gua and its application in Feng Shui

He Tu and Luo Shu numerical Formations
Early Heaven &  Later Heaven Ba Gua Formation
An Introduction to the Stems and Branches

Land form and environmental features
Learn how to avoid negative features in land form
Directions, locations and nature of Qi

San Yuan School : Formula and Applications
- Eight Mansions
- Flying Stars

San Sha (Annual 3 Killings)
Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)
Sui Po (Year Breaker)
Wu Wang (5 Yellow)

After reading the E-Book, you have the option to go in-depth in your study by asking us questions through email. You can pose any question at any time you like. However, a fee will be charged for each question posed and it starts from USD5.00 depending on the type of question. Upon payment via Paypal, we will provide the answers through email. In this way, you
control your learning pace, cost and time.
You can email your questions to nlphabit@yahoo.com.

Price is only USD13.90. This is the cheapest course on Feng Shui at practitioners' level you can ever find in the internet.

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