The Art of BaZi = USD10.00 only!

They say a picture of the Mona Liza is a masterpiece that captures the beauty of a smile so elegantly. They say a picture launch a thousand ships too.

What if a picture of you can be painted from your birch chart? Based on Chinese Astrology, a person has Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi that supports their elemental structure. A person’s Ba Zi birth chart can be transformed into a painting that depicts the landscape of their life. The elements of a Ba Zi birth chart can be vividly displayed in pictorial form that captures the true essence of the person. You can see your elemental self in spatial colors and gain a metaphysical perspective of your inner soul. It is your destiny in artistic form. 

Pay only USD$10.00 and you can have the painting plus a free sample reading of your destiny. Once you have made the payment, please email to us your date/time of birth and gender to

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