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Is there an important activity coming up that you want to accomplish without running into any obstacles? Based on Chinese Astrology, an important activity that is carried out successfully can determine the course of our destiny. We are all born with Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi which govern our decisions and actions in life. A person’s Ba Zi birth chart holds the four pillars of the elements and Chinese zodiacs. When your Ba Zi chart is analyzed, the elements and Chinese zodiacs are compared against the elements and Chinese zodiacs of the day in question. If an important activity falls on a day that is not favorable based on Ba Zi analysis of your birth chart, you are likely to meet with setbacks in your path. This may set a chain of events that can alter the course of your destiny to the detriment of your future. As such, you should select a good date to ensure success in your endeavor. Feng Shui and Ba Zi masters refer to the Chinese solar calendar and specific formulas to select an auspicious date for the following activities.

- Propose a Marriage
- Date of Actual Marriage
- Child Birth
- Ending a relationship
- Job Interview
- Start a new job
- Start a new project
- Commence a new course of study
- Starting work after Chinese New Year
- Ask for a raise/increment

Official Business opening
- Product launching
- Moving House/Office

- Renovate a house/office
- House warming
- Commence ground breaking

- Begin construction of a property
Negotiation of a major deal
- Signing a
major contract
Medical procedure
- Burial

Please consult us should you have other type of activities requiring the selection of an auspicious date for commencement or activation. You can email your query to

Once you have decided on the type of activity, click the button below to pay for the date selection and email us the information of the activity which you require an auspicious date. Please also state your date/time of birth and gender. We can be reached at

Thank you for your interest.

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