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A good night sleep is vital for health and alertness especially when you need to focus and be mentally active the next day at work. However, you may want to look at your bedroom and its surrounding features to make sure that it is conducive for a peaceful slumber. 

This is both practical and common sense to make a place of rest as comfortable as possible. You do not want any disturbance while you get ready for bed or during snooze time. At the very least, you should have a comfortable bed to rest your weary soul.

But what is pleasurable may not necessarily be good for you in Feng Shui speak. For example, a water bed may be a novelty for those who seek the finer things in life but it is not what Feng Shui would recommend. This is because water is Yang. The concept of Yin and Yang form the bedrock of Feng Shui and all Chinese metaphysics. Yang is opposite of Yin. It is like day and night, hot and cold, active and passive, loud and quiet, bright and dark, movement and stillness, etc. You can’t have one without the other. They co-exist and complement one another. The key is achieving an optimal balance between the two.

For a bedroom, it should be more Yin than Yang. It is a place that should be quiet and inactive. Feng Shui equates Yin with health/relationship aspects and Yang with wealth/career aspects. Water is Yang and for a water bed, it makes the bed too Yang. Imagine sleeping on a pool of water that is constantly moving. It is not a good Feng Shui feature. Your sleep is not going to be a restful one. Feng Shui does not recommend having a TV in a bedroom as it is also too Yang.

Other negative features that are too Yang for a bedroom:-

-          Too many windows or large windows

-          Too much sunlight streaming in during the day

-          A lamppost or electrical pole outside

-          A bedroom door that is aligned directly to the bed

You should make sure to drape the windows with thick curtains to block out excessive sunlight. If there is a lamppost immediately outside the bedroom, you should keep the window closed at most times. The bed should be realigned away from the bedroom door and its headboard should rest against a solid flat wall for stability. A hill or mountain is a Yin feature. If it can be seen from the bedroom window, it is even better as it provides stability. Feng Shui favors a bedroom that is more Yin – calm, peaceful and stable. You should feel recharged and rejuvenated after a good night sleep.


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