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Feng Shui – Rules To Observe When Moving Into a New House

After a property has been selected based on Feng Shui system, a well-informed client especially avid Fengshui practitioners, will usually request for an auspicious date and time for moving in. Based on Chinese Art of Date Selection which is part of Chinese Metaphysics, there is a good date for every important activity. This is to ensure that an activity such as moving into a new house, is carried out successfully without any obstacle in the way. With a good date and hour for a change in residence, the new occupants can benefit from the auspicious energy that permeates that particular day and hour, infusing them with good luck and fortune. A good date and hour further complements the good Feng Shui of a property for harmony and prosperity of the occupants.

The Chinese Art of Date Selection typically provides a window of opportunity that spans two or more hours in a day for an important activity such as moving from one house to another. The new occupants should move into the property within the time recommended by the Fengshui consultant. For example, if the good date and hour selected is 20th October 2011 at 9.30 am - 11.30 am, the new occupants should move into the property on this day and within this hour.

The action of moving into a new property starts with arriving at the appointed time and having the first item of furniture carried into the house or office. It is not necessary to complete the activity within the two or more hours recommended. As long as the new occupants have started the activity within that span of time, they can either continue such activity on the same day or next day or anytime thereafter depending on their schedule.

Aside from selecting a good date and hour, there are some simple rules to follow when moving into a new house or office to ensure that such an activity is carried out successfully.

If it is a house, the new occupants should make use of the stove to cook a meal or boil water. The lighting and power appliances such as air conditioners, radio and TV should be switched on for a few hours. Such actions help to activate the qi or energy in the house and make it vibrant.

It is also a good idea to let the tap water run long enough to clear the water tank. This is because the water in the tank may be stagnant or unhygienic due to long period of unused.

Last but not least, it is recommended that the owners sleep overnight at the new property. This is to infuse it with man energy and rejuvenate it.


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