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Feng Shui – Missing Sector Missing Luck

Feng Shui is associated with formulas and concepts such as Eight Mansions Method, Eight Trigrams and Nine Palaces, amongst other things. Whilst Eight Mansion Method is a formula used by Feng Shui masters to categorize people into different groups according to their Trigram or Gua, the Eight Trigrams or Ba Gua can give a lot of information about a building. According to Feng Shui, a building has Nine Palaces or Sectors which makes up the total living space of the residents. These sectors are further accorded its individual locations and directions based on the Chinese Compass. Apart from the center, the other sectors of the building are north, south, east, west, northeast, southwest, northwest and southeast.

A land where a building sits on should ideally be square in shape so that there are nine equal sectors in the interior living space of the building. The problem arises when a land is not evenly shaped such as a triangle or other odd formations. This will give rise to partial or missing sectors in the interior living space. Any partial or missing sectors are inauspicious as it negates the elemental affinity between the sectors affected and the residents concern. This is because each sector of a building has an intrinsic Gua that is associated with a resident based on his or her year of birth. The Ba Gua or Eight Trigrams are Qian, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen and Dui. These Eight Trigrams and their corresponding sectors in a building have elemental affinity with the residents in the form of energy or Qi. In Feng Shui, the life force or vital energy that gives life to all living things on earth comes from Qi. When a sector is partially or totaling missing in a building, the Qi is considered non-existent or very weak and the resident associated with the sector based on the trigram concern is thus affected negatively. He or she will not be able to tap into the positive or revitalizing energy of the missing Qi for luck and success. 

The following are sectors, people and animal signs associated with the Eight Trigrams:-

Sectors           Trigram           People                                     Animal Sign

North                     Kan                 Middle Daughter                      Rat

South               Li                     Middle Son                              Horse

East                 Zhen                Eldest Son                              Rabbit

West                Dui                  Youngest Daughter                 Rooster

Northeast         Gen                 Youngest Son                         Ox & Tiger

Southeast        Xun                  Youngest Daughter                 Dragon & Snake

Northwest        Qian                 Father                                     Dog & Pig

Southwest       Kun                  Mother                                     Goat & Monkey

Each sector further governs a certain type of activity or occupation based on elemental affinity. When a sector is partially or totaling missing, the resident or the animal sign associated with it will face difficulty in his or her career pursuit related to the activity or occupation concern.

The following are the sectors and the corresponding activity or occupations:-

Sector             Activity or Occupation

North               Logical thought, Intelligence, Research, Traveling

South               Manners, Vitality, Glamour, Communication, Sales

East                 Language, Expression, Speech, Competitive Sports,

West               Religion, Metaphysics, Persuasive Prowess

Northeast        Insurance, Trust, Assets, Finance

Southeast        Beauty, Creativity, Relationships

Northwest        Politics, Machinery, Authority

For example, a resident pursuing a legal career should not stay in a property with a missing east sector. A negative feature like a street lamp outside this sector can also erode the Qi therein and causes problem with expression.

In order to make sure that the sector that supports you are not missing or damaged by negative external features, you should inspect the building or property that you occupy and relate each sector to the type of work you do. This is one simple way of using Feng Shui to find out whether a building or a property is supporting or hampering your career.

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