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Feng Shui – The Art of Dying

Can we predict death from a Feng Shui perspective?

Before we bury ourselves in the morbidity of this question, let’s examine the Art of Dying in the context of Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui is about harnessing the energy of the person and the environment to achieve harmony through timing, space and personal action.

Timing plays an important role in the determination of a person’s destiny through our luck cycle based on Chinese Astrology known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. The luck cycle comprises a series of yearly pillars which are linked to our natal chart and holds the key to our future. It charts the course of time intervals in which our energy can be at its optimal level or at its lowest ebb. We are all born with a certain level of energy depending on our date and hour of birth. Our inborn energy wax and wane through time.   

Space is where we live. The essence of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with our environment. How we tap into the energy of the environment by situating our house at an optimal direction and location based on Feng Shui’s formulas will determine whether we are harnessing positive energy or negative energy. The main door of a property is the mouth through which energy or qi (known in Chinese) enters into our living space and whether the energy brings prosperity or calamity depends on its facing direction relative to the external environment.

Are we able to control our destiny? This is where personal action comes into the equation when timing and space makes up the trinity. To a certain extent, a person can take appropriate action to steer destiny when timing and space are leverage to his or her   advantage. This can make a difference between accident, injury, surgery, illness and death. The final outcome will depend on a simple ratio of 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3. When the luck pillar is bad, the facing direction of the main door is inauspicious and the personal action is at best ignorant of what lies ahead, the ratio is 3/3 and death is almost a certainty. Why almost? To really kick the bucket for want of a better phrase, the Art of Dying needs to consider the hour, the day, the month and the year of living dangerously for predicting a certain outcome.


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