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Feng Shui Bad Stars

In Chinese Metaphysics, there are many types of systems and formulas. One of them is known as Flying Stars systems of Feng Shui. In this system, there are nine types of stars which are given numeral of 1 - 9. These stars are actually bodies of energy (also known as Qi) that moves within a property. In Feng Shui, a property is divided into nine equal sectors based on compass direction of North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. The sector without any compass direction is the center. The distribution of Qi over these sectors demarcates the good and bad sectors therein and formed an energy pattern within a property. The energy pattern in a property will change from month to month and year to year as the stars fly from one sector to the other.


In Flying Stars Feng Shui, a property belonged to a period of time based on its facing direction.  There are altogether nine periods and each period has 20 years based on the Chinese Solar Calendar. We are currently in period 8 which started in February 2004 and will last until February 2023. In each period, the nine flying stars are categorizes into good and bad stars. The good stars are deemed timely and will bring prosperity to residents of a property whereas the bad ones are considered untimely and become portents of misfortune. For this period, the few bad stars are 2, 3, 5 and 7.


Star 2 is considered inauspicious as it is the illness star of the period. It brings sickness, ill health and other ailments to the residents when it flies into a given sector of a property. For example, star 2 occupies the Northwest sector in the year 2008. A house with the main entrance in the Northwest sector or a room in the Northwest sector will be afflicted with the negative energy of this star and the residents will feel sick and unwell. 


Star 3 is deemed inauspicious as it is the quarrelsome star for the period. This star portends discord, arguments and miscommunication. It brings disharmony to the residents. In year 2008, this star flies into the West sector of a property. A door or room where this star is located will subject the residents therein to arguments and relationship problems.  


Star 5 is the most inauspicious as it is the misfortune star for the period. This star is also known as the Five Yellow. It is the harbinger of illness, accidents, calamity and other misfortune. In year 2008, this star flies into the South sector of a property. A door or room with this star brings losses and suffering, financially or health-wise, to the residents.  


Star 7 is also inauspicious as it is the robbery star for the period. This star can cause residents to be accident prone and suffer injury. The other negative aspect of this star is the possibility of thefts and robbery occurring on the property. In year 2008, this star flies into the Southwest sector of a property. A door or room with this star brings hazards such as accidents, injury and thefts. 


Whichever sectors these stars flies into within a property, residents should avoid staying or spending time there. Ignore Feng Shui Bad Stars at your own peril!

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