The Formula For Success

What is the Formula for success?

Can the true essence of success be captured through the ancient art of Chinese Astrology?

What if success comes in a formula that is hidden in every person’s birth data and only revealed by deciphering the elements associated with the numbers?

It is amazing how one’s birth data can holds the secrets to one’s future by turning the numbers into the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In the realm of Chinese Metaphysics, these are the five elements that transform from one to the other as phases of energy in a cyclical process of production and destruction.

As we know it, Einstein’s famous equation, E = MC2 calculates energy based on a mathematical formula. In Feng Shui theory, the energy known as Qi and its quality within and outside a house can be computed using a formula. In a similar way, the ancient art of Chinese Astrology uses a person’s birth data to calculate energy through the five elements. A person’s birth chart is generated by a formula that is based on the Chinese’s Ten Thousand Year Calendar. From this calendar, a person’s birth chart is plotted sequentially and systematically through a set of pillars known as the Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi (a Chinese word for Four Characters). Within these four pillars, the strength of the energy is determined by the strength of the element that represents it. The elemental strength of a birth chart therefore manifests itself in the form of attitude, behavior and character, all of which play a part in a person’s destiny.

By analyzing the elements in a birth chart, a skillful Astrologer can uncover the hidden door to a person’s potential or downfall in life. And the key that opens the door holds the power to a world of possibilities. This is where dreams are made or squandered depending on the strength, quality and usefulness of the elements. Likewise, a person can find success in life through his or her ability, desire and strength of character. But what if the key to a person’s success is encapsulated in a formula just like Einstein’s quantum theory? Wouldn’t it be great to know that each person has a formula to success that is integral to its birth chart? Like quantum energy, the elements exist in the form of energy that is inseparable at birth and remains with a person for life. But it is not enough to know the attributes of the Day Master (Self-Element) or the Animal Sign a person belonged to. This is why most Ba Zi readings turn out to be ineffective as looking at the Day Master and Animal Sign alone is too simplistic. It takes systematic integration of the elemental Gods in a birth chart to create synergy.

Through many years of painstaking research and after analyzing thousands of birth charts from people all over the world, we are now able to encapsulate the essence of success in a formula that holds the key to a person’s potential in life. You will not find this formula in other websites. The discovery of this formula is fundamental to the development of human potential in many areas. One of the areas is a person’s career or love life and we can show you how to activate the formula to achieve success. The formula for success is unique to a person’s birth chart as each of us is unique. And it can be used to a person’s advantage in the pursuit of power, fame, fortune, love and all that life has to offer. But success does not have to be in the form of status, recognition or materialistic gain. If you are happy with what you have or doing what you love to do in life, you are also successful in your own right.

Everyone's birth chart (Ba Zi) comes with its unique success formula and the sooner you activate it, the sooner success and happiness comes into your life.

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