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The Fundamentals of BaZi



Yin Fire

Yang Wood

Yang Fire

Yang Earth

Yin Wood

Yang Fire

Yang Earth

Yang Wood
Ding Ji
Gui Wu Yi
Wu Jia Bing

The Chinese Art of Astrology, more popularly known as Four Pillars of Destiny, has been in practiced for centuries and has proven to be an effective tool in managing a person's luck and fortune with an uncanny accuracy. The four pillars comprise the eight Chinese characters or BaZi which form the destiny codes of a person. The secret is to unlock the meaning behind these codes and gain insights into ourselves and our future. We are all born with a BaZi natal chart comprising these codes and also a set of luck pillars representing 10-yearly periods of our life. Together, they shape our destiny for better or worse.


How can we make our lives happier, richer and more meaningful? We all want answers to life's many woes and challenges and we seek solutions to the problems that both dismay and confound us, be it love, career, wealth or health. With the foreknowledge of our destiny, we can begin to understand our innate potentials and more importantly, seek a purposeful realization of our dreams, goals and desires. We want answers that give us hope, even when we are at the depths of despair. We want answers that give us comfort and consolation so that we have the fortitude to face our greatest adversities. We seek answers to help us restore our courage and steer us in the right direction of our lives. If we can have all the answers, can we then make better decisions and face life with better foresight? Wouldn't it be great if we can ascertain the likely challenges ahead and prepare ourselves to overcome or at the very least, mitigate the circumstances to our advantage?  


Within each of us, there are four innate elemental energies:-


Our Self Element


The Self is who we are and who we can become.


The Self is either born in season or born out of season...

The Self is either born weak or born strong...

The Self is either enabling or inhibiting...


Can the Self seek fame and fortune despite staggering odds?

Can the Self use the best of what is given and still make life worth living?

Can the Self alter the cycle of luck and steer the hand of destiny?


Our Output Element


The element that the self produces is our output.


Do you feel restraint vocalizing your opinions most of the times? Do you face problems getting things done or not producing the type of results that you want? Do you wish that you can impress your superiors with creative ideas but somehow unable to come up with one?


Our Wealth Element

The element that the self controls is our wealth.

Have you ever wondered why money is always hard to come by? Do you always struggle to make ends meet and feeling frustrated financially? Are you always in debt and never seem to be able to pay off your creditors?


Our Power Element


The element that controls the self is our power.


Are you assertive when it comes to making your point of view? Do you have the audacity to rebut your superiors and feel no qualms in doing so? Do you invariably feel the urge to indulge yourself and throw caution to the wind?


Our Resource Element


The element that gives support to self is our resource.


Are you finding it hard to get the support from your family, friends or superiors? Do you constantly struggle to pick up new knowledge, learn new skills or simply adapt to change? Have you always got yourself cajoled into doing something for someone against your better judgment?


A person’s destiny is influence by the interaction of these five elemental energies within our BaZi natal chart. By knowing what is in our BaZi natal chart, we can be proactive in controlling our destiny and live life to the full!

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